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The ways in which Information Technology (IT) can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations are as varied as they are numerous. The assistance IT can bring to a business depends on many factors such as the business type, its size, the industry,  internal culture and available resources. Large organisations tend to utilise IT far more effectively than smaller organisations. One of the biggest advantages that large organisations have is the economy of scale their size brings and from this, the capacity to manage and drive their own IT strategy. Large organisations can afford to have expertise in most of the IT areas and functions they operate in and have sufficient resources to ensure the way they manage their IT is effective and drives productivity.

Medium and smaller sized enterprises don’t have the budget to cover all of these areas and often it is the strategic and governance type activities that are the last to be addressed, if at all, due to time and resource constraints. Keeping the computers on and working and making sure the network is up and running are the nuts and bolts of the business but ensuring the proper strategic planning and governance around how IT is utilised is where the gains in efficiency and productivity are realised.

robdwyer.net recognises that not all organisations have the resources on tap to ensure they are getting the most from their IT infrastructure. The services we provide help to ensure the substantial investments organisations make in IT are maximised and that productivity is continuously improving as the organisation evolves. We have yet to find an organisation that is fully utilising their existing IT as there are always improvements to be found and more efficient ways of using technology.

If you would¬† like to know how to make IT work better for your organisation, please reach out and let’s discuss how to start….

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