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Project Management

Whether you are managing your own IT project or sponsoring a project to be managed by an external vendor; it is imperative that you have a thorough understanding of what is involved. This includes understanding issues such as the scope of activities that are to be undertaken, limitations, required resources, a timetable of activities as well as the final output or deliverables that the project is expected to provide.


IT Administration

Purchasing, maintaining and replacing Information Technology can be complex, time consuming and fraught with difficulty. Ensuring you have the right solution for now and into the foreseeable future is determined by careful planning and assessment.


Risk Management

Risk Management is a vital component of Information Technology planning and operations for your organisation. Whether it relates to the risk involved with security, integrity of information, maintaining continuity of your systems or the introduction of new systems, it is important that you have properly identified and planned for risk.


Change Management

Delivering change in any organisation can be a difficult and resource hungry process, doubly so if technology is involved. Using the right approach is crucial to get a good outcome and deliver the advantages the change was meant to provide.