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IT Administration

The costs associated with making IT purchases are more than just the initial hardware and software. Substantial time, effort and planning should go into initial scoping, business analysis and selecting vendors. Sufficient must go into implementation to ensure staff are suitably trained and new systems are introduced with a minimum of disruption. The cost of IT infrastructure also needs to be understood throughout its entire life, not just at the time of purchase.

Additionally the security of your IT systems and data is not only imperative to the viability of your business but now also has legal ramifications. Ensuring your data and operations are protected and meet privacy and access requirements can also be a complex issue that needs to addressed.

Rob Dwyer can assist with all aspects of IT administration and provide planning assistance for the implementation of new systems. His experience can offer support with developing business cases, scoping, costing, assistance with the tendering process; through to ensuring systems are designed to your requirements, utilising robust security and implemented with the least disruption as possible.