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Internet Of Things (IoT)

The speed at which the development of applications and capability that IoT can provide is driven by a number of technological advances including; battery life, miniaturization of sensors and actuators (endpoints), big data capability, increased network coverage (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whilst the industry is still in its infancy as far as standards and industry leaders go, there are many real applications of this technology being implemented already.

For any organisation, it is not if, but when, will this start to impact on the way they do business and how they can best take advantage of these new advances. IoT is expected to disrupt many long running business models and accepted practices. For the average business, the focus on IoT at this stage should be around three main concepts:

  • How could the disruption that IoT will bring potentially impact on IT plans over the next 3-5 years?
  • What areas of current IoT technology could be harnessed to improve organisational capability and efficiency?
  • How can IoT be incorporated into longer term strategic thinking, both organisational and Information Technology?

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