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Performance Analysis

There are a number of approaches to analysing the performance of your IT depending on the perceived weaknesses or how IT is utilised in your organisation. The first step is to identify a baseline from where you are starting from, what is the current state of IT utilisation in your enterprise, what are the perceived strengths and weaknesses, can any bottlenecks or gaps be identified that are throttling your ability to work at full capacity. From this step a grouping of actions or plans can be compiled to address these issues and identify areas for improvement.

At robdwyer.net some of the main areas we see that hold back organisations include:

  • Outdated business processes
  • Inefficient use of IT systems
  • Lack of Skills and Training among staff
  • Poor service from vendors/suppliers
  • Lack of governance/policies
  • Lack of internal buy-in or support from management


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