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Strategic Planning

Regardless of the size of your organisation, proper planning of your business strategy and identifying how you will use IT to help implement this strategy is vital to reaching your goals.

Good IT strategic planning should make your business more competitive, more effective and increase agility. It should identify constraints in your business, increase morale of staff, improve the efficient use of capital and enhance the quality of your outputs. Poor or no planning will make your organisation less efficient, make the the business reactive rather than proactive, reduce faith in your systems and will likely lead to costly purchases of technology, which are found to be of limited value.

The planning should address where your organisation is at the moment, where it needs to be in the next 3 to 5 years and outline the best approach to get there. This will ensure necessary costs can be budgeted for and planning can move ahead to ensure the delivery of the Strategic Plan is timely and of the necessary quality.

It is not possible to simply talk about IT strategy in isolation due to the close relationship IT strategy has to Business strategy. In planning or developing an IT strategy the first step is to develop the strategy for your business as a whole. Once a business strategy is developed, your IT strategy is formulated in such a way that it aligns with and supports your Business strategy. Properly aligned IT strategy will assist your organisation reach its goals and targets. If your IT strategy is not aligned with your Business strategy the technology you use may well act as an impediment to reaching your goals, it will most likely be costly and ineffective.

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